Debate: Hovind vs. Frello

This is the PowerPoint used in my debate with Kent Hovind Oct. 26 2017.
Click the first slide, then use arrows to navigate.
Or scroll down to the slide of interest and Click.

I mention that Animals did not evolve from Amoeba. Unfortunately, I did not remember the name of the relevant organisms. They are called Choanoflagellates.
Her are two videos explaining the evidence:

Regarding slide 11: Information that I did not mention in the debate.
The multicellular colonies didn’t appear immediately, as you would expect if the genetic background for this was already present in the genome of Chlamydomonas. Only after 750 generations did the colonies appear.
As mentioned, the two populations evolved different style of multicellularity.
Also it should be mentioned that none of the multicellular lifestyles had ever been observed before, and that they were retained for thousands of generations after removing the predator.
This is consistent with multicellularity being dependent on mutations in the genome, but inconsistent with the necessary information already being in the genome.

Regarding slide 15: New Protein Coding Genes.
Hovind wants to use a language analogy on replacing a STOP-codon with an amino-acid coding codon.
Fine: Here it is. A full stop replaced by a letter, turning nonsense into sense.
'Infor.ation' turns into 'Information'

Points that I hope to tuch on in the next debate:

Hovinds definition of Religion - if he has one.

Hitler - this will be fun!

Hovind mantra: "Who are they going to marry?"
A nonsense question, showing Hovind's lack of understanding of genetics.