This is comment to ''Are You Epistomologically Self-Concious" by Jason Lisle.
All in all the article doesn't make much sense.

I have, on an earlier occasion, had a conversation with Jason Lisle on one of the topics in the article.
His claim is that logic is only possible because it is a reflection of God’s mind. Without God there would be no logic, or at least we couldn’t trust there to be any logic. I asked him if God could have chosen logic to be different from what we know. Could God have chosen logic to allow the car to be and not to in the garage at the same time, to use the example in the article.

Lisle’s answer was No! God cannot act against logic because it would be acting against his nature, and God cannot act against his nature.
But then - was my reply - Logic is NOT a reflection of God’s mind! It’s the opposite. God’s mind is a reflection of logic, and therefor God’s mind depends on logic, but logic doesn’t depend on God’s mind - and the argument falls apart.
Sadly Lisle blocked me and never responded to that remark, so I don’t know what the answer would have been.

Another example:

Under evolution is it extremely easy to explain why we can trust our senses. Which organism would thrive better, the one that can trust it’s senses or the one that cannot? The answer is obvious: The organism that can trust it’s senses is way better off than an organism that cannot. Actually on organism that cannot trust it’s senses is no better off than one with no senses at all. Therefor, given evolution and given that we have senses, we should expect to be able to trust them. Again the argument in the article fails.
Actually you could argue quit the opposite.
Matter is made of molecules, Molecules are more than 99% empty space. Why doesn't our senses tell us that? According to evolution it is simply because there is no need for such information except if you have a very advanced brain, to put it into use. A fish cannot understand quantum mechanics anyway. But science could have been very advanced millenia ago if humans had senses that told then this fact. Doesn't God want us to know his creation?

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