Comments on The Basic assumptions of evolution
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Werner Gitt

Some of this seems odd, and can only be understood if ‘Evolution’ means something more than ‘Biological evolution’.

E1: The basic principle, evolution, is taken for granted.
That is like saying: 'The theory of Evolution assumes that the theory of evolution is true' Ehh?

E2: Evolution is a universal principle.
As described 'Universal' means 'Throughout the Universe'. Not just 'throughout earth' This is actually not needed as a principle. Only if it means that natural selection will take place as soon as the conditions are met.

E3a: One should not drag in a creator.
As in all of science. As soon as you use a creator as explanation, you are outside the realm of science. You cannot employ the principle of falsification, when you allow for miracles.

E3b: This world, including all living organisms, is based exclusively on matter and materialistic principles
Follows from E3a.

E4: Matter is taken for granted.
The comments: that energy must have existed before the Big Bang is wrong. The amount of negative and positive energy is the Universe is equal.
This is not specifically an evolutionary principle, but a general physical one.

E5: As far as scientific laws are concerned, there is no difference between the origin of the earth and of all life.
This follows from E3a and is thus not a special principal.

E6: Evolution relies on processes that allow increases in organization from the simple to the more complex, from non-life to life, from lower to higher life forms.
This is self-evident. This is actually the same as 'New genetic information'. Such processes are described here.

E7: The following factors are assumed as the driving forces of evolution: Mutation, selection, isolation, and mixing.

E7a: Mutation and selection are the driving forces of evolution
They ask for ‘New genetic information’ Look here.

E7b: Death is an undisputed essential factor in evolution
If there was no death the most primitive self-reproducing molecule would just have filled the earth, and that was it. But also complex molecules ‘die’ in the sense that they disintegrate.

E8: There is no plan in evolution; neither is there any purpose
Equivalent to E3a, really not a new principle.

E9: There are no definite beginning and end points on the time axis
What has this to with biological evolution? Besides that the Big Bang could be regarded as the beginning of time.

E10: The present is the key to the past.
The principle is correct, but the two calculations are irrelevant in the way they are presented.
It leaves the impression that scientists are naïve.
E.g. Different kinds of material in the Grand Canyon could be eroded at different speed. The amount of water in the river has probably varied. The ice age had some influence too.

E11: There was a smooth transition from non-life to life
Look here

E12: Evolution will persist in the distant future.
What is the relevance of this?