Jason Lisle on Astronomy

Comments on chapter 19 in the ‘New Answers Book’ from Answers in Genesis

'The ultimate proof of creation'

Jason Lisle think he can prove that there must be a creator. Watch this video to see how.
I have had a short communication with Dr. Lisle on why this 'proof' doesn't work
Basically, Dr. Lisle's argument is that logic is a reflection of God's mind, therefor without God, there can be no logic, and without logic, there can be no science. So the very existence of science, proves the existence of God.
I asked Dr. Lisle of this means that God could have chosen logic to be different from what it is. E.g. could he have decided to build logic in a way so that an apple could be red all over and yellow all over at the same time. Surprizingly, Dr. Lisle answer was no, God could not decide against logic. But then logic is not a reflection of God's mind; God's mind is a reflection of logic. Therefor logic is independent of God, and the entire argument falls apart!